Monday, July 28, 2014

Quarter Life Crisis

You ll get a lot of 'what am I doing with my life' moments, especially when you are 26 going on 27 and recently married. Orrr that must be just me. Tons of coffee and useless browsing later you realize that these are the very things that are sucking your wind (And lots of reruns of FRIENDS I guess! Going by the innuendos). And the job... That job's a bitch I tell you.
But hey.. I am glad that these lead to some serious reading spurts and more coffee and lots of thinking going on. Really.. Who has the answer to that question? Not me. Neither a lot of people I know. Those who seem to know it (I hate them) are plain lucky. Those without any such non sensical questions luckier still. I have a blurred out, skeletony, somewhat structured but mostly blank answer to that.
I hope I get to the age and part where I know all. But I guess there's no fun in that. The fun is in not knowing where you're going, letting it be a surprise. Coz you know what crap they say about journeys being more important than the destination or something. I've just decided to put that to test. Going with what I know best to do. Putting words to my thoughts and ramblings.
Let's see, where does this journey take me.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Poles Apart

You aren't like me nor me like you
We are poles apart, me the secluded cold South and you the glowing, growing North
Yet we are tied, with a bond that surpasses us both
For that bond is all that is right and all that's wrong
We need to be together, yet always so far
I want to grow old with you still..
I want to see what its like to be at the North, steady, planned and motivated always
May be you ll too see the beauty in beaming like the South, being drunk, making up fairytales, walking amongst clouds
I pray we see what its like.. To be poles apart