Monday, October 20, 2014

About Daydreaming and British Radishes

Sometimes you need so little effort to move forward and sometimes it takes a sea. And it is easy to decide if a certain effort or lack of it has been productive in some way. But productive to what end? Everyone knows that each one's success looks a little different. My success or idea of it is different than what success means for you. But where does it end? When I write my first novel, or when I am published or when I get a Booker.
I have realized with time that all that we do and not do is worthwhile. It is not for the culmination of any goal necessarily. Its for becoming who you are becoming and becoming doesn't stop at some point. Am I concerned about being 27 and not knowing where I am going? I am. But so is everyone. I am concerned about daydreaming too much, losing a lot in life's trivialities, cooking, cleaning, being presentable. But we forget that all this, adds to my becoming in some way.
There is this article I read that affirms my belief that daydreaming is important. There is no set framework for success. Being professionally successful is not the only success there is. So to add to your Monday:

Non- Career Advice and why daydreaming is important. I am going to follow this series through.

Chopping Onions and Garlic

What does the world eat for Breakfast. Just spotting the dosa made my day.

There is a hotel for bunnies. Get ready to melt at the pictures.

And just for fun, what not to say to a woman on her period.

You have a good week ahead.

Top photo from my daily ventures into British vegetables. The photo is edited in Pixlr Express on my Android.

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